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Accounting Services

Book-keeping Services

Book-keeping is financial reporting service which starts from receiving primary data, processing, and publishing financial statements.

Supervision of Financial Statement

Supervision of Financial Statement is a service to over-see the preparation of financial statements. KJA Langgeng Team will accompany and provide direction and technical instructions related to the competencies and procedures that are in accordance with the standards

Compilation of Financial Statement

Compilation of Financial Statements is a service to compile Client’s financial data up to the financial statements release without providing any assurance for the information presented.

Agree Upon Procedure Service

Agreed upon procedure is a service to fulfill the client’s need detailed information regarding particular situation. KJA Langgeng and the client will agree on certain procedures in order to achieve the goals required by the client.

Accounting Information System Service

Accounting information System Service is implementation of accounting information system and assistance with accounting software for clients. KJA Langgeng has a private web based accounting software that can be used for free for by KJA Langeng clients by accessing www.fero.co.id

Tax Preparation Service

Taxation Services is a service in preparing tax reporting requirements based on financial statements. We can also help clients to plan and estimate tax effects on business processes. We are ready to assist on fulfilling tax planning for multinational companies needs.

Accounting Mentoring Service

Accounting mentoring Service is providing teaching / direction / technical accounting guidance to clients. Clients already have accounting staff but has not yet fully updated with latest technical and regulations related to accounting, so a mentor is needed to update the staff's knowledge.

In House Accounting Training Service

In House Accounting Training Service is a service on a class scale. This activity focuses on class discussions and the technical discussion to answer all the technical matters that are relevant to the client's needs.

Management Services

Credit Proposal Services

Credit proposal Services are services to assist clients in preparing credit proposals to develop the business and / or the need for additional and increment working capital.

Financial Modelling Services

Financial modeling services are technical services to prepare certain financial modeling in projects which could be used as control and feedback on project finance. KJA Langgeng can help, either to concept or to supervise the model that will be and/or is being run.

Standard Operation Procedure Preparation Services

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) preparation services are management services carried out by KJA Langgeng for clients who need assistance to implement certain standards.

Business Plan Services

Business planning services are technical services to gather and process preliminary information related to all factors that affect the project / business. Analytical tools used in business planning will be adjusted to the industry and the character of the client's business.

Management Advisory Service

Management advisory services are assistance services from KJA Langgeng to provide ideas and recommendations and technical guidance required by client management. This service is suitable for clients with complex business process with high risk and limited human resources.

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